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artsculture/media DatePosted:1/18/06

2005: A Year in Review
by Kevin Benoit

Looking back at it, 2005 was a pretty good year. It was however filled with many disasters and controversies. There was Hurricane Katrina, which touched the country, and crippled parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, and Alabama. Bird Flu was discovered in China prompting concern about the safety of eating chicken.

The MTA was a huge story in 2005. They raised fares, and announced another increase for 2007. Then they made walking through cars, placing bags on seats and drinking open beverages illegal and they ended the year off right when the Transit Workers Union (TWU) went on a three-day strike during the holiday season in retaliation for not reaching a new contract agreement.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg won re-election easily defeating Democrat Fernando Ferrer who barely beat out the other Democratic Candidates himself. President Bush’s support dwindled to record lows while he kept a smile on his face. He and Vice President Dick Cheney stopped talking at one point because they weren’t seeing eye to eye on many things.

The Yankees proved that being a $200 million dollar team really means nothing when there’s no talent in the outfield while Boston proved that one year is really all they had as both American League East contenders failed to make it to the World Series. The Mets showed signs of a winning team but realized mid-season that it would take at least one more year before they could really be a true contender. The Giants surprised the country with a surprise playoff berth riding off the adrenaline of the passing of owner William Mara. Although young Quarterback Eli Manning really showed no signs of being anywhere near brother Peyton Manning’s skills, Tiki Barber set records and the defense of Michael Strahan among others gives them the NFC East Title for the first time in five years.

The Knicks, well what can we really say about those Knicks. They traded half of their roster and Allan Houston retired. Isiah Thomas has been in hot water since the off-season but he is still around leading the team to disarray. He did hire Larry Brown only to make Brown the laughing stock of the league. Brown has come up with over 25 different roster changes in a little over 30 games and the team has been at the basement of the NBA standings since the beginning of the season.

In other sports news Phil Jackson returned as the coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. He is learning much like Kobe did last year, that life in the NBA without Shaquille O’Neal really just isn’t worth living. Pat Riley also returned to coaching, making it an old school coached reunion every time the Knicks, Heat, Lakers or Spurs are on the Court.

Hockey was iced out, after the players union could not settle on a deal all season long. No Hockey was played, no championship, and Todd Bertuzzi didn’t have to sit out his season long suspension as was assigned.

Roy Jones hit the mat, then he released a rap album. Roy was knocked out again and he is now a ringside announcer. That career is also over for Roy so its back to rap or back to hitting the mat. Mike Tyson and Bernard Hopkins also fell to the mat.

Paul McCartney performed during the Super Bowl Half-Time show, following the Janet Jackson boob show the year before. McCartney was not as exciting. Stevie Wonder signed up to perform in 2006. Mariah Carey returned to the top of the charts with “The Emancipation of Mimi”, her 10th album. The album paired her up with Jermaine Dupri on production and guest appearances from Twista, Nelly, and Snoop Dogg. Her album sold the most records of 2005 making her the first female act to reach this accomplishment since Alanis Morissette in 1996.

Faith Evans, Mary J. Blige, Ginuwine, Brian McKnight, Freddie Jackson, and Toni Braxton all returned to the charts with less acclaimed new projects.

However, 50 Cent did not get shot this year. He did find himself in beef with The Game, (then they shook hands), Jadakiss, Nas, Shyne, Fat Joe and half the record industry, all of New York’s Politicians and so many other people. His protégé Young Buck stabbed a man at the Vibe Awards Show.

Lil’ Kim was found guilty of perjury and sentenced to 366 days in prison. Cassidy turned himself in and will soon to be on trial for murder. It is rumored that he changed his “I’m a Hustla” dance to the “I’m a Murderer” bop. If convicted he may be sentenced to death. Shyne released an album, but was denied any money he made off of it.

Sadly many honorable people died this year. Jonny Carson (January), Ossie Davis (February), Johnnie Cochran (March), Pope John Paul II (April), Luther Vandross (July). Peter Jennings (August), John H. Johnson (August), Chief Justice William Rehnquist (September), Rosa Parks (October), Richard Pryor (December), Constance, Baker Motley (September), Shirley Chisholm (January), Shirley Horn (October), and so many others passed in 2005.
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