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Goodie Mob
by:Kevin Benoit


Khujo means to teach. Khujo is like a rebel with a cause, to us it’s all about getting some kind of message out. As some of you may know Khujo was involved in a life threatening accident in Atlanta in 2002 which took away his right leg below the kneecap. Many thought he would never be ale to rap again nonetheless perform but, HE’S BACK, and he’s better than ever. “I went through something and I thought I wouldn’t be the same, I thought I wouldn’t be able to get Crunk anymore. I kind of didn’t want to do it anymore but being that the most high showed mercy on me and I survived, it made me feel like I still got a purpose and Goodie got a purpose.
“Don’t let nobody tell you, you can’t do something without seeing if you can do it yourself.”
Individually and collectively all these guys bring experience to the group. Their first LP Soul Food was released in 1995 and was one of the first Southern albums to be released on a major label. On that album they were representing elements and as times progressed and their next album Still Standing was released they were representing the different

individuals. Now with their fourth album “One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show”, they are representing CEO’s. They have been in the game long enough to know the do’s and don’ts of the game. If anybody in the industry knows what it takes to have a successful album it’s the MOB.

T-Mo got his name from Mo Betta Blues. I used to just be T but then they wanted to call me Ice-T, then I thought I’d be Cold T. It’s changed a lot over the years, it was T-Smooth, and since it’s had many different ends but the root is and will always be T-Mo Goodie. I don’t have a solo album out cause I couldn’t come to the fullest. I thought the labels might pussy foot around my project and if that’s the case I don’t need to be out. Please believe we gonna give the people what they want through this Goodie Mob album and through the Lumberjack album coming after this. I remember there was a sign in my high school that said “Dare to be different.” There was a batch of green apples and this one red apple, and I thought I love all color apples but that red one is really sticking out to me right now. It’s the same thing with Goodie Mob. A lot of people rap but this Mob thing gonna stand out right now cause we talking about something different. We standing up for something nobody else standing up for. Rappers now is biting but it’s okay to bite now, when we came in it wasn’t even allowed.

As men Goodie Mob shares something that keeps them together and keeps them standing. They are all the same age and they all share the same 1990 high school graduation date. That’s how they know even now that God had a purpose for them even before they knew there purpose. The name was thought of by Khujo. It was originally the T-Funk Goodie Mob. The nucleus of the group was T-Mo and Khujo and later Big Gipp and Cee-Lo came on. That’s when they got more diverse.

Big Gipp is the second coming. His father used to be a musician also. His real name is Cameron Gipp so it’s easy to see where he got the name from. Gipp is the only member of the current group to have a solo album. Mutant Mindframe was released last summer. He’s the calmest member of the group his pink diamonds (or yellow depending on the occasion) glare and with his shades you don’t know if he even feels your stares. You might have seen him in the OutKast ‘Roses’ video, along with the rest of Goodie Mob, they are standing behind Big Boi when Speakerboxxx bust into the auditorium. There are guys who were out when we first got started but ain’t even here no more but we still here. We just getting on VH1 telling out story. With stuff going on around the world we feel we got a lot to say. We really pushing that message about the good dying young which is so relevant right now cause we got a war going on that ain’t got nothing to do with us and people is still dying everyday. What we started with in ‘95 is still relevant today.

We didn’t ask to be in a group it just happened like that. We didn’t ask Cee-Lo to leave it just happened like that. He didn’t want to be part of it but Goodie Mob lives. Homey is trying to say we dead, we gonna prove him wrong. That just shows the frustration on his part. He done dug himself into a ditch-not that he can’t get out of but it’s hard to get out. Pride is holding him back. As soon as he takes responsibility for his faults, and he stands up like a man and admits he did wrong than we’ll put all that behind us. We ain’t perfect, I’m a man, and I’m true enough to accept my responsibilities, but right now my brotha wont admit he did anything wrong. His mind is on his solo career. If he come thru the door right now and say “Yo I just rented out the Hit Factory ya’ll wanna come and rap with me. We’d be like yeah let’s go. OUR DOORS ARE OPEN.


We gave artists from the South courage, we gave them inspiration to say they from the South. We happy we inspired them, we happy somebody capitalized. Hip-hop is going to take a turn back to where it’s saying something. We feel like once we come out The Roots gonna come back out, Commonsense gonna come back out and it’s gonna be like a reunion. Once a person gets married everybody wants to get married. Once a group comes out with positive stuff and it works than everybody is going to want to do it. The success has already been given to us, the race has already been won because we have not been duplicated yet. The things we’ve done, nobody has been able to do.

Goodie Mob’s new album One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show will be released on June 29th. The first single Play Your Flute featuring Sleepy Brown is currently in rotation on BET. Look out for it. We got the Goodie Mob album review in this issue also.

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