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Date Posted: April 1, 2004

Janet Jackson Visits HMV
Written by: Freddie Joyner and Jessica Arias
Pictures by: Alana Hector and Shem Rajoon

On March 30th 2004 at HMV on125th street, a line of Janet Jackson fans around the corner waited patiently for Janet Jackson to get her to sign there CD’s and pictures. Some of them waiting for up to 2 days.

Walker Sands says that he has been a devoted fan since 1986. He feels that she is “amazing, she’s great!” Through all of her time being in the spotlight, he says that she hasn’t changed, she’s always kept it honest. “She’s always kept it honest.” She’s the “entertainer of the year!”

An enthusiastic man named Greg who has been waiting outside for 2 days is a devoted and dedicated fan. I asked him if he thought he would speak with Ms. Jackson herself and he said “I don’t THINK I’m going to talk to her…I KNOW I’m going to talk to her.”

Janet Jackson, who has been in the entertainment industry since 1974, started her acting career in the hit show “Good Times”, where the young Janet played “Penny.” To 1986 where she released her first album “Control; to her first appearance on the silver screen in 1993 with the late great Tupac Shakur. All the way to her sassy all grown up “Damita Jo.”

Here she is today, with an amazing, devoted, diverse fan base. Sometimes referred to as “the favorite Jackson,” She continues to rise.

On this day Janet was at HMV on 125th street in Harlem promoting her new album Damita Jo. This is what they said:

Name: Sean Harrington
Age: 27
Comment: “We love her, the album is off the hook. We have been here since nine o’clock
this morning.”

Name: Juan Harrington
Age: 27
Comment: “I have been a fan of Janet for fifteen years in counting. With each album she
just gets better and better. I would get over the cold for her anyway.


Name: Kisha Johnson
Age: 26
Comment: I feel overwhelmed and excited. I have been trying so long to be here and I finally made it. Her album is hot!!”



Name: Reggie Carter
Age: 24
Occupation: Reporter
Comment: “I am from U&U magazine. I am doing letters to the stars and we are it
putting it in the magazine. I love Janet!!”

Name: Thara Geathers
Age: 12
Occupation: Student
Comment: “I got all her CD’s, forget everyone else!”

Name: Jorel Flowers
Age: 13
Occupation: 8th grade student
Comment: “ Janet is lovely. She has the body of an angel and the voice of a goddess. She
has powerful lyrics of love and hate.”

Name: Trish
Age: 17
Comments: “Tell her that I love her very, very much. And tell her that she is the badest
bitch. Don’t worry about all the people that is hating on her because we love her.”

Name: Kimberly Norman
Comments: “ She is one of the greatest artist to be in this for thirty years. Nothing can
ever tarnish her reputation, not even the Super bowl!”

Name: Rashawn
Comments: “I like Janet because she is an experienced professional and she is able to
adapt to newer trends without losing her originality. The media should trust
her judgement.”

Name: Joanna
Age: 23
Comments:” I love her because her songs make me dance but it also touches my heart. she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. The media needs to focus
on her music and ask her more questions about her album.”

Name: Shelia
Age: 40
Comments: “ I feel like she is my little sister and I grew up with her. I will love her

Name: Dawn Walls
Age: 26
Comments: “ I have been a fan since she was little Penny. Beautiful person with a
Beautiful spirit an she is awesome and I can’t wait to meet her.”

Name: Joy Osowsai
Age: 21
Comments: “ I love everything about her. She is a great inspiration to us and her friends
and I wish nothing but the best.”

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