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arts-culture/music DatePosted:8/30/05

Amerie: Touch
By:Yanara Porter

Amerie is the most soulful R&B female artist out there. She has a soft but sharp voice that makes you feel at ease. With her sophomore album "Touch", we see the more sensual, mature side of Amerie. Rich Harris produced her whole album and he's even done a remix to her debut single " Why Don't We Fall In Love."

My favorite song on Amerie's album is "Rolling Down My Face."   It has the old school sax with a new slightly up-beat tempo. She has a soft voice so it fits the smooth background. The song is about how she thinks she's over an ex but yet she keeps crying.

One of the worst songs on her album is "Come With Me." .It sounds more like it was meant to be a cappella with a little beat here and there. And the first 10 seconds of the song sounds like a microphone being held next to a speaker. It's too repetitious so the verses kind of disappear.

However, Amerie does redeem her self with the duet "Can We Go" featuring Carl Thomas. I love the strong piano in the background. It adds that extra edge to the song. Though their voices may not match enough to make a duet, they sound great together. This is the perfect song for slow dancing with your intimate other.

Amerie showed her best vocals in "All I Need". The chorus is all high and long notes. The lyrics are the basically the same as "Rolling Down My Face."   She's still in love when she thought she had moved on. But for all I know someone else wrote the song for her.    

Her bonus track was "Why Don't We Fall In Love" (remix). Rich Harris produced the song bringing back some of the original vocals. It'll take a while to realize which song it is. Amerie's accustomed to that old school soulful feel. Another remix, which we've all heard, is "1 Thing" featuring Eve. Eve balanced the song's innocence with her Ruff Ryder edge.

"Touch" is definitely a go-getter. Most of the songs are addictive and you want to make everyone else hear it. And the others you want to ask Amerie   "What were you thinking?"    There are songs when she's too soft and there are songs when she's overreaching but the CD is worth every penny.


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