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D'Angelo Takes Macys by Storm
story and photos by Jianna Caines
and Roshell Reneau


Excitement was in the air. On August 30, Macys, one of the largest department stores in the world, was transformed into a place that catered only to the die-hard fans of the R&B sensation, D'angelo. His platinum sophomore album titled "VOODOO" has definitely cast a spell on thousands of women and even some men, who follow his every move and play his music as apart of their daily regiment.

Posters, CD's, shirts you name it, they got it. It is safe to say that these fans go the extra mile. Nyeshia Erly, a 22 year old student from long Island, has made it her priority to travel all across the Eastern sea board to see D'angelo at various events. The day after his appearance at Macys, she is planning to travel from New York to Baltimore, Maryland to see him again, but this time in concert.

While some of the women in line were just there for an autograph, many of them would like to be the mother of his children. Some of the people in line got to Macys at 8:00 am in the morning, keep in mind that D'Angelo was supposed arrive at 12:00pm but didn't get there until 1:00pm. Nyeshia Erly was one of the people who waited for five hours.

Currently there is an explosion of artists who fall into the category of "Old school R&B and hip hop." This category included artist such as Maxwell, Lauryn Hill, and Common. Vanessa Rawlins feels differently about this comparison. She stated that "D'Angelo cannot be compared to anyone because his sound is so unique." By the look in her eyes, it's obvious that she wants some of his "Brown sugar".

With his calm and smooth presence it is no wonder why people of various backgrounds adore him. Even though most of his fans are female, there are some exceptions. This includes Chan Roley, a 38-year-old male who gets around by wheelchair. Chan collects a lot of music in his spare time and considers D'Angelo's music to be one of the "coolest" albums that he owns.

Reporters Response

Hello readers,

My name is Jianna Caines and I am a reporter for HarlemLive. I like D'Angelo's music when I hear it on the radio, but the radio is as far as it goes. I have never purchased any of his work but I think that will end today. I consider myself to be very professional; I wasn't even really excited about seeing him.

I remember it all; I was lifting the camera up to take the picture because they announced that he was coming. He turned the corner and I held the video camera up to get a good shot, once I saw his face I almost dropped the damn camera. I picked up the camera and began to record. I noticed that he really has beautiful skin and lucious lips. You know how T.V can make a person look different but he was actually that good looking. Yes, there are a lot of good looking artist in the industry but he has a certain "je ne sais quoi" which can be better explained as his charisma that comes across in his every move. He was dressed in simple clothing, very casual, but it tells a lot about his style, which seems to drive people crazy. He is a genuine BBB, that stands for Beautiful Black Brother. Now, I will support him by buying his CD but no matter what, he will be my all timing favorite Eye Candy.

D'Angelo facts:

By Roshell Reneau

Michael Arthur known as D'Angelo one of R&B sensational singer. Was born in 1975 in Richmond, VA. He first started performing on shows like Amateur Night at the Apollo. D'Angelo first step on the scene in 1995 with his debut album instilled Brown Sugar. He worked with many artist such Lauryn Hill, Method Man, and B.B. King. This year for the video music awards D'Angelo is nominated for Video of the year for is song untitled (How does it feel).

If you want to know more about D'Angelo you can write to HarlemLive reporter, Jianna Caines at Planetjianna@Hotmail.com, and she will try to find answers to any question you may have.

Also you can find out more information about D'Angelo at

Official D'Angelo Web Site
Wall of Sound Website info



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