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Hanging with Mr Franklin

By Angel Colon



Mr Franklin is a Gospel Singer who has touched the hearts of many young people through his music. Mr Franklin's early appreciation for the lord and the Gospel comes from his mother who helped him to understand the joys of following the lord.

Mr Franklin started singing the Gospel and playing the piano when he was four years old. He says that eventhough he did not spend much time listening to Gospel music as a child, it touched him in places he had never been touched before.

Mr Franklin feels that the blending of Hip Hop with Gospel makes for a wonderful new type music that does not corrupt either style. He goes on to say "People mix Rock with Rap, does it change the Rap family or does it change the Rock family; it changes none of them."

I think what Mr Franklin said was true, no matter what kind of music you mix together its still music.

Even after five years of being in the business, Mr Franklin feels that he is still learning new things about the piano and Gospel Music. Part of his future goals are to reach out to young people, like myself, and introduce us to the church and its music. Mr Franklin stongly believes that the church is a good place for young people and that Gospel Music carries with it powerful, positive messages.

Hanging with Mr Franklin was fun. It was fun because he made me realize what Gospel can do to a person. Im not saying I will listen to the music but now I have more respect for the music


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