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K7 & Ty Bless:
Rappers of the Future
by Enita Okodiko
photos by Jamal Severin



Ty Bless & K7

K7& Ty Bless are two Rap artists who are very close friends and grew up together in Spanish Harlem. They knew that they wanted to be rappers when they where were young. K7 said "when I was younger, other kids wanted to be firemen or policemen but I knew I wanted to write songs and dance". Ty said while he wanted to be a professional football player, baseball player, he started to write songs at the age of eight .

The people who inspired K7 & Ty Bless were the early hip hop acts such as: Africa Bam Bada, Doug E Fresh,Prince, Tribe call Quest , Sugar Hill Gang, and local Dj's. K7's goal in life is to be a positive symbol for Hispanic youths. He said " We seem to glorify things today that don't really need to be glorified." As a child he saw that and wanted kids to see the good in him and not the bad. Ty decided he want to become a rapper after his first park jam where the Djs took electricity from the lamp pole to play their music.

Me & K7
K7 said "it is hard to get in the business because people have lack of patience". The people who want to be in the business real bad have no patience. He has been doing it for 10 years and can still find patience difficult. "Everyone wants things here and know and that's not how it works", he commented.

His advice to young artists trying to get into the business is to have patience and make sure you know your facts. Ty said "Totally give it your life and your focus or else it's totally impossible. You have to be lucky or give everything". Ty agreed that this goes for everything in life.

When K7 & Ty produce their albums, "it's a God-given gift." K7 doesn't know where he gets the energy to make the albums, what stirs him to write or Ty to make his beats. All in all they're grateful. They say their prayers for whatever God orders them to do and just follow through with it. This is what makes them talented.

K7 & Ty Bless
The difference between K7 & Ty Bless and other groups is that they are friends first, group second, and individual last. Other groups who knew each other would put money first in front of friendship, they don't!

Their album Love,Sex, and Money" took a month to record and a month to mix. This 2-month time frame is good especially when other rappers take much longer to finish a musical project.

The message K7 & and Ty send in their music is to believe in yourself and your friends. "You have to believe in yourself and friends first, before you can believe in anything else. You have to trust yourself before you trust anyone else" said K7.

K7 & Ty Bless' music is for everyone. They don't need to curse in their songs for them to sell. What's in his music is what goes on in every day life. He says he thinks everyone knows what they mean or the message they try to send.

In the future K7 sees himself being the best father he can for his son, being a recording artist and producer, and as a strong writer. Ty sees himself in the future being a multi-communications artist, owning a record company , and being a producer.

K7 and Ty Bless are great rappers that have been in the business for a long time. They are a great group who know how to put friendship first. They are good people and I wish them well on their new album.



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