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KRS-ONE Speaks Out!
written by:Kerly Suffren



Many people know KRS-1 as a rapper, but too many are not aware of his commitment to the black community and culture. KRS-1 has turned up with some of his homeboys and withTemple of Hip-Hop to help organize and start a school specifically for hip-hop. The rapper thought of the plan as a way to give back to his community, a way to help those that are interested in the rap game get a step ahead. "We will teach the culture of rap, its significance and provide all the information you need including all the right contacts and phone numbers," he stated. KRS-1, unlike a lot of other rappers speaks highly of his culture.


He motivates the world to follow in his footsteps. His ideas and arguments are very easy to relate to. Ideas such as closing the generation gap between parents and children, the importance of helping each other and helping the culture are what he believe to be some of the conflicts in our society. TheTemple of Hip Hop is all about bringing together the black community, uniting them to help with the many conflicts that face black neighborhoods and culture.

Their plan is to not only bring together the community but to also bring back the role models, the rappers, singers, dancers, all the individuals our kids look up to.

Who else to start in an effort to cure our communities problems then KRS-one, A Real MC?!


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