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Hip-Hop's Information Super Highway Celebrates!

by Richard Echevarria
Photos by Khalid Muhammad


Recently HarlemLIve was on hand the fourth annual Online Hip Hop Awards.The event was hosted by rapper/actor LL Cool J and Hot 97 radio personality Angie Martinez. The nominees of the night were determined by people all over the world and then narrowed down into the different categories. The Online Hip-Hop Awards were started over four years ago as an annual celebration of hip-hop culture and was designed to pay tribute to web site developers, artists and others who have made contributions to Hip-Hop culture online and worldwide.

HarlemLive was on hand to interview some of the hip- hop stars in attendance. We spoke to Black Thought of The Roots, Capone, Mos Def, DJ Tony Touch, Dead Prez, BET's Rap City Japanese correspondent VJ: Mami , Kurupt, DJ Big Kap, members of MTV's Lyricist Lounge show and the Legendary DJ Grand Master Flash. The artists are very cool people. Each of them were very patient with us, this gave us the sense that they cared about us kids, there were no egos or attitudes. Two artists in particular were eager to share their feeling about that night, rapper Kurupt and rapper/producer Capone. Below is what they had t say HL about this special night.


HL:How do you feel to be a part of this event?

Kurupt: it feels good being here, getting everybody together. It feels good to be apart of this event, it's all to the good and big things,


HL:What does it means to you to be here and to represent?

Kurupt: it's showing how we could put our heads together and other people who somehow had problems before, is all going to be here to in one positive cause putting they heads together and not really going through no garbage so it feels good man, it's all positive.


HL:How do you feel being apart of this online event?

Capone: I feel like I should of gotten an award for the most respected artist,coming from jail, for me, personality, but you know, just holding QB (Queens Bridge) down, but I just feel good being here cuz it's just a whole neither venture that you know if I was selling crack I couldn't see.

HL:How do you feel this online event would effect the rap industry?

Capone: It's a whole other outlet of the world baby!!

As the night winded down and the artists became less as they entered the auditorium. I just sat back on my train ride home and reminisced of the magical night I had just witnessed.


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