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Rap Music Today
By Angel Colon




Rap music today is like a drug. Sometimes when you listen to your favorite Singer/Rapper and those real def and hard core lyrics are sinking into your brain and you just want to blank everything out and bop your head.

A certain song can sometimes have lyrics that grown-ups don't like. But from a young adult's point of view, these artists are all rapping about life experiences. They see drugs, guns, fights and killings, too, so why not go out there and talk about it? It's the same thing as writing a poem about something you have seen or done.

Another issue is the language. Slang, also known as Ebonics, is being used in the music. Many young people under nine years old hear the language and they use it as well.

I think I will be a Rap fan until the age of 34. The music doesn't bother me because I'm used to it already. A lot of times, I listen to many songs and lots of negative things come out of the artists' mouths but I don't hear it because I'm just bopping to the vibe of the music.

Another huge issue is the way people know who made what song and the lyrics but don't know their school work. This happened to me once. I was writing a Wu-Tang song but I had to study for a test I was taking the next day but instead I studied the song and paid the price. So as you can see, rap has a huge affect on people, young people at that.


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