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Community/Education DatePosted:4/18/06

High Price For Education
by Diamond Bradle


High Schoolers wait for that day when they can leave that college, in that white, yellow, gold, red or whatever color gown to move on to the next step in their lives. All for that education that thier momma and family want so bad for them. The only problem is that it is becoming harder and harder to achieve that dream. The dollar signs involved in getting into college are turning it more into a nightmare.

The rich get richer and the poorer get poorer. Thats the way I see it. It is a revolving door. The success stories of some students who are less fortunate financially happens the equivalent amount of times that we see a visit from Hailey's comet. On the other hand, the more stories for more fortunate students go together like night and day. "No problem baby. Where do you want to go? Harvard? Yale? NYU?"         

Mothers and fathers have this discussion about every graduation. To them, it is only a couple of dollars. Those less fortunate just want to go. So many are dependent on sports and music scholarships that making it to college by pure academic merit has become obsolete. Even those that may work their butts off may still be a step behind, all while the other guy is driving.         

Uneccesary is what it has become. Why should students have to even pay for an education. I belive it's a rendition of the past where blacks had to take tests in order to legally vote, while the administers(the government) knew fully that the majority, if not all afro-americans were illiterate. Inner city students are in the same jam, unfortunately, "there aint no bread or peanut butter."

Even though it is like that for those inner city students like myself, I still believe that everyone should be able to go to school for free. Why not? I mean, I know there is room and board, and books, but the students should be able to fend for themselves in terms of these three things. They could have a nice job around the campus or something like that to pay off the rent.

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Book prices are just as ridiculus these days. $300? That's a nice Ralph Lauren outift or a pair of round diamond earrings. When you think of that outfit and those earrings and that price, books are the last thing that should come to your mind.

Moreover, the U.S.--maybe even the world will be a whole ot smarter. With the opportunity to learn the things that they need to succeed in life for free, they should be more motivated to achieve whatever lifestyle they want. More students need a chance. There are much more bright minds out there than dim ones, and not all of them have money in their pocket. I would love to see more ethnic diplomacy, but in today's society that is much more of a dream than reality.

Last time I checked, financial aid does help, but how much really? If you are from the inner city, that's really all you have. You become a charity case. Like a kidnapped child being held for ransom. Just to be a doctor, lawyer, architect, video designer. The $129 billion for financial aid is actually aiding the cause, but that number is also showing just how much need it, and how much of it that they need.

With the average 4-year private school going for 21K+, and the public for 5K+, the inner city need more help than they can get. The wave just continues to rise, and these students will begin to drown because they can't buy big enough surfboards.

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