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Dear Readers:
Education is important. The children are our future. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Yes, yes...and if I received a dollar for every time I heard one of the aforementioned adages, I'd probably be ridiculously wealthy by now. So of course, we've all heard about the need for an education -- a GOOD education, at that. In a world that appears to augment in its complexity on a daily basis, the need for our children to be properly educated and cared for is now greater than ever. National and statewide testings are showing that the proof is in the puddin' -- the school systems are FAILING our children. Very simply: The red-flag has gone up.

Last spring, after attending an awards ceremony honoring the success of two remarkable educators, my attention was drawn to something incredibly rare -- a GOOD SCHOOL. In the midst of all of the educational controversy that was going on at the time, the 2001 Essence Awards were accolading Hans and Ivan Hageman, founders of the East Harlem School at Exodus House, for their bravery and passion in improving the current educational system. Well, The proof is in the puddin' -- these men and their school are the very antithesis to the image of inadequate contemporary education.

It was actually after this ceremony, and after hearing of this school, that I was inspired to create this trio-school report . I was motivated to research and roam through the extensive list of educational facilities throughout the New York City area to find other examples of this extraordinary bravery and passion when it came to education -- ironically enough, three of the best examples resided right here...in good 'ole Harlem, USA. Funny -- how my search for the best, brought me right back home. With that said, I present to you, Harlem School at Exodus House, Thea Bowman Program, and The Young Women's Leadership School. Enjoy.


Danya R. Steele
HarlemLive Editor-in-Chief


East Harlem at Exodus Thea Bowman Middle School Young Women's Leadership School



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