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Date updated:04-4-02

A Change Of Character

by Guyan Wilks


The movie Training Day has the power to leave you wondering and breathless. The movie is pumped with action and is a direct mirror of life on the streets and in the police system. Most people watching this movie will nod their heads in affirmation because of how real it is.This would not have been possible without a beautifully written screen play by David Ayer, the direction of Antoine Fuqua and the incredible acting of Denzel Washington, who, at the Oscars, put another crack in the thick glass ceiling right after Halle Berry.

For years, we have watched Denzel take on the role of the good guy and he has played each role well. In Malcolm X, he made viewers really understand the good work in the life of the controversial leader.
In the movie, Devil in a Blue Dress, he plays a black private investigator and stars along side Julia Roberts as a journalist in The Pelican Brief. And he won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for the movie Glory, where he plays a solider in the Civil War.

Denzel earned the Oscar for Training Day. He played a part that wowed most of us because we never expected to see him take on such a negative role. He played the role masterfully. Every word he spoke and each action he took resembled nothing of the characters that he usually portrays, characters who are honest, loyal and humble. People wanted to see to see just how bad this new character Denzel would be. They wanted to see how far "Alonzo Harris" would go.

Many have said that he deserved an Oscar for his other lead roles, we can possibly add on two other reasons as to why Denzel won the Ocsar besides his incredible performance. It could be said that the Academy has meant to give Denzel the award before but was just waiting for him to play this negative role. Or It could be a make up for all the other times they did not give him a oscar when he deserved it. Denzel has been nominated countless times and has come home empty handed numerous times.

Now that he has won the Oscar it might be so hard for him to win another one. I hope that he will not be playing the role of a bad guy too often after this. It would be nice to see him win a Oscar for portraying a positive character. Unless the Academy likes him better as a villain.



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