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HarlemLive Works/At Work

HarlemLive Wins First Prize Entrepreneur Day

by Melvin Johnson Oyewole Odutola
Photos by Oyewole Odutoa


Fleet Youth Entrepreneur Day is an annual awards ceremony and exposition that rewards the mental, businesses and sales skills of entrepreneurial youth. Youth Entrepreneur Day 2001 involved 1,400 young people and honored New York's top 20 youth-run businesses. All of whom received cash recognition and publicity. Youth participants take advantage of technical assistance and training through out the year.

February 6th was the first of many networking opportunities to come for the 20 winners. It started with a formal introduction of each business by their representative(s) then we heard a few words from the Fleet Bank staff/representatives. Of the top 20, HarlemLive was included in the winning circle.

From Oyewole Odutola's view:

When I had finally found my way there, the ceremony was halfway done. I went in and did a little silent talk (so to say) with Melvin and realized that when Richard rushed me out with the DC210 that I had forgotten to bring flyers. That turned out to be a big mistake. There happened to be many people that could've become very useful to HarlemLive, like the many, many organizations that made and decorated folders for little to no money. There were also Hairdressers, Broom makers, Caterers, and a whole slew of organizations that I didn't catch. I kind of came under-dressed so I didn't want to participate in the Photo shoot, but was kinda bullied (if thats what you wanna call it). Over all the day was used for photo taking and introduction for a series of gatherings to come, so stay tuned for the next update.


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