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Date posted:04-20-02

Home Sweet Home

by Guyan Wilks
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Our organization was born in Harlem; our name symbolizes Harlem's immortality and our goals for becoming the number one teen magazine was inspired by Harlem World. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before we returned to our home, our roots. As we head into the month of May, Harlemlive will begin its journey all over again on 125th Street, the most prominent street in Harlem. It is on this street that we will begin to expand our magazine, reaching both the youth and adults alike.

This move will return us to our natural surroundings and bring us back to covering the rich community of Harlem, which we have somewhat lacked while temporarily being housed downtown to the Bloomberg News offices. Returning to Harlem, we will gladly accept the support of the community around us and use that support to do great things.

The greatest thing about this move is that we will be on 125th street. We consider that a blessing. From this new location, we will not only generate the feature articles about businesses but also about the politics that run this country. Moreover, what would HarlemLive be without new coverage of the Apollo Theater?

However, we are going to miss being in the Bloomberg building. The Bloomberg headquarters wasour hospital, our respirator. Bloomberg offered so much to HarlemLive. We took new journalism classes, made plans on making the site better, made a lot of contacts and have recruited many new people to join our family. We are definitely going to miss the support given to us by the people here at Bloomberg. We learned so much from them. We are grateful to all the journalists and editors who took time from their busy schedules to assist us.

This move to 125th Street will take a little time so please bear with us and we will post new content in the next few days.


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