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Carnival of Art In Harlem

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By Tiffany Santiago

photographs by Angel Colon

A building in Harlem on 62 Hamilton Terrace (Near City College) holds a lot of children with a lot of talent. It all started in 1968, when the Museum of Modern Art was the Arts Carnival's main backer. They wanted to do something for the children.

In this arts carnival you can paint, draw, and build three dimensional objects. Kids like Martina Diamond (10) likes to come because you get to do a lot of cool things and get away from your siblings. Another child named Charmaire Hamilton (10) likes the arts carnival because she also gets to sing and dance.

A teen, Stefen Reed, who volunteers at the arts carnival, says many teachers suggested the idea to him so he took the chance and he really likes the experience. He is in an advanced painting class and he hopes to take extra classes. He goes to school at in Mt. Kisko, New York. His school does a lot of art. He said that Matisse is an artist who inspired him. He doesn't want to become a teacher but he will join the US Marines when he gets out of High School.

Leonard Jenkins, InstructorLeonart Jenkins teaches painting and drawing at the arts carnival. Right now he and his students are working on a collaboration (a piece in which many artists work together). Also they are working on painting nudes so the teenage students can learn the anatomy, because when the painter doesn't know the anatomy, the paintings tend to look flat and unproportioned.

A student,Germaine Ashby (15), of Mr. Jenkins says his uncle used to work there and he recommended it to him. He wants to do art more as a profession, and the artists who have inspired him are Michelangelo, Van Gough, and his teacher at the Arts Carnival, Leonart.

Two children, Shanique Scipio and Curtis Lee, both heard about the arts carnival from a woman named Ms. Linda who goes to their school to teach art. Curtis said he heard it was the bomb (very nice). So far, since he has been here he has created a mask, many paintings and drawing plus a gingerbread house (his favorite). It was created from peppermints, skittles, strawberry and vanilla frosting, jolly ranchers and more delicious goodies.

This is a very good program if you are interested in the arts and very motivated.


More Pictures from our visit at Arts Carnival

The Arts Carnival is located at 62 Hamilton Terrace

The Phone number is 212 234 4093

President, Betty Taylor

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