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By:Tiffany Santiago

striped shirt The way we dress in the 90's is very different from the way our parents used to dress. The name brands that are very popular today are Old Navy, Gap, Levi, Calvin Klein (all the really expensive clothes). Now a lot of clothes that were out when our parents were young are coming back, like two years ago, when bell bottoms came back from the 70's. Now kids wear clothes bigger than their original size, showing all their undergarments.


Pictured above is clothing that is in. You see the clothing he is wearing is not too big, but not too small, that it fits him young (slang for small). The sneakers are NIKE a very popular name brand, they not only make sneakers but they make t-shirts, hats, etc.

jeans clothes and ragedy sneakersPictured on the right is someone that is dressed o.k. I say this because this is really something you would wear when you were going to be late for school and just threw anything on that had a little bit of style. I don't know what brand of sneakers those are but tie your shoelaces. Another tip, if you're going to school, people are going to see you and what you're wearing, it's not that you have to impress anyone but you never know who you might see.

dressy party type clothesPictured on the left is someone who is dressed up as if they're going to a party. The dress this girl has on is definitely in style but a little bit too classy just to go to school. You shouldn't come to school dressed all fancy like if school is some cocktail party (but don't be like the person in the picture above not caring what you look like). So what I am trying to say is don't come to school ALL dressed up but try to come as much in style as possible.

plain clothesThis person is a plain clothes dresser (as you can see from the picture). She is crying HELP! I used to wear these kind of clothes in the third grade and now I'm in the eighth grade, so get rid of those tight fitting button down shirts and go shopping. Not that being a plain clothes dresser is bad but people are cruel and say things about what people wear.


jeans and a t-shirtPictured on the left is a person who is in style. This person isn't dress too fancy or too plain. She has Nikes on and they are a popular name brand (like what I said for the first person). Personally I am not to fond of the color she has on, maybe blue jeans and a white and blue shirt. The reason why I think that is because my favorite color is blue.

I hope in this story you have learned a lot about fashion and what's in and what's out. Hopefully you will tune in next time to see what is in store for you, and for more tips on style. If you have any questions or comments please send them to HarlemLive.