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Harlem Garden Created by Elderly and Youth

About a hundred distinguished and committed citizens of the community gathered at the Wilson Major Morris Community Center on 153rd between Amsterdamn and St. Nicholas, for the premier fundraiser to celebrate the construction of the Senior Citizen's Sculpture Garden Park.



Several intergenerational groups worked together to turn a run down, garbage strewn, barren lot into a lush garden, with sculptures, plants and pond, providing a peaceful and scenic retreat from city streets.

Attendees were treated to prayer, music, a fashion show, and great food. Many dignitaries were in attendance.

HarlemLive's reporter Samantha Gonzalez will follow up with the progress of the park. One of the honorees, Elaine Marius, Executive Director of Central Harlem Senior Citizens Coalition, said, "When I came up and saw this garden, I just fell in love with the beautiful layout. I never ever in my wildest dreams thought that anything like this could be in Harlem." In reference to the Dr. Vicki Gohlson whose efforts made the garden possible, Ms. Marius said, "I really think the garden should be called the Dr. Vicki Gohlson Garden." Ms. Marius also said she hoped to be around when the garden added its waterfall and brickwork and that she would assist with the acquisition of more flowers."

The four honorees were Ms. Marius, Evelyn Cunningham, Hyldia Stokely, and Lynda Curtis.

Dr. Vicki Gohlson is in the "before" picture above.