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Extra Extra!



By Angel Colon

The very first Harlem Board game Harlem Us All was made by Vicky Golhson. She made the game up because the school system is not teaching enough about the black history and Harlem.

The game is mainly about Harlem itself. The board game is based on the Africans who came to Harlem from down south to make a better living but also made history. When Vicky made the game she knew something was missing maybe a better view maybe a life size game. The life size game includes three foot houses and knee high dice. The game also comes with fun facts, trivia questions, and more.

Vicky would love to sell the game to the schools of New York and maybe even to Toys 'R Us. With the money she gets back she would like to make more games. The game was made to make school more fun. Some stuff that is in the game like rent, landlord's, first aid, police, firemen, etc are just like real life.

Vicky would love to see seniors play the game because they think they know everything.

What is the difference between your board game and monopoly?

In the game monopoly you have to get as much money and property as you can and in Harlem Us All you have to get as much information as you can get and as many resources and money as you can receive.



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