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Yankees Deliver as World Champions

by Daniel Colon

Game 1

Everyone thought the New York Yankees were going to win, but that wasn't' the scene at Yankee Stadium in game 1. The Yankees with the home town advantage were destroyed by the score of 12 to 1. They would have to try again in Game 2.

Daniel Colon with Brother and Dad

Daniel with Dad, Angel and brother, Angel (Albert) Jr.

Game 2

Game 2 was not much different. The Atlanta Braves shut out the Yankees. It was time to go to Atlanta for three games and New York was down two games to one. Atlanta had the World Series in their palms. All they had to do was win two more games.

Game 3

The series went to Atlanta. Many hoped for the Braves to go up 3 to 0 in the series. The Yankees scored early and ended up winning the game by the score of 5-2. The Braves were winning the series 2 games to 1.

Game 4

The Braves coming of the Gave 3 loss, struck fast. They took a 6-0 lead. But never count out the Yanks. They scored three in one inning and in the eight inning, Jim Leyritz hit a three run home run to tie the game. then in the tenth inning, Wade Boggs was walked with the base loaded and forced a in a run. the Yankees scored one more time and won the game 8-6.

Game 5

This game wasn't very exciting. One run was scored in the entire game. The New York Yankees won. The game and went ahead in the series 4 games to 2. Back to the Bronx. (Editor's note: Well, for seasoned baseball fans, this was an exciting well pitched game)

Game 6

Yankees manager Joe Torre wanted to make it a perfect week. His brother Frank had just gotten a heart transplant an now he could win the World Series. And he did. The Yankees won 3 to 2. Ryan Klesko pooped up to Charlie Hayes for their last out.the Yankees won their first championship since 1978.