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By Kerly Suffren

Highway Shot

I enjoy many things in life, many of which I rarely have a chance to enjoy. On the way to Chicago, many thoughts ran in and out of my mind. The things that made me happy in life were all surrounding me, things I enjoy doing and the people with whom I enjoy spending time.

My life is no longer a maze at this point, but rather a map. In the course of a year, my world has transformed into a highway leading to bigger and better things.

Ever since I was a kid, being on the highway always seemed to transform me into a poetic soul and thinker. I enjoy the trees flying past, I love the view of mountains, and I love the look of the never ending highway lines extending on the pavement. - lines which are similar to life, a road of twists and turns, a life full of surprises and expectations. Similar to a highway, we live in a world which no longer fully determines a destination, just like the road, but we do have the choice to choose our destination, similar to the exits on the highway.

As for now I'm making all the right choices.

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