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ON the cliffs in New PalzUYBC's Summer of '97

By Kerly Suffren


This summer, the UYBC had a lot of fun. Our calendar for the summer included many fun activities and rides. We had many new members, and many more who plan to join the UYBC next summer.

our home baseTeddy, a senior member of the bike club, enjoyed most all the rides that we took this summer. He enjoyed the ride to New Palz, in the mountains of upstate New York. He liked the ride to Connecticut , where we were asked to help out at a bike program similar to ours, but not yet as popular.

Osakwe enjoyed the experience of teaching many of our younger riders and helping them become better individuals in the bike club as well as society. Osakwe also enjoyed the daredevil trails in New Palz. He also enjoyed the opportunity of getting a summer paycheck for participating in the bike club, as did many of the captains who also earned wages for their efforts.

strecthing before a run in Central ParkThe summmer of '97 was indeed incredible. Every summer brings about new adventures as well as new members for the bike club. Our summer was exciting and fun, but too short for many of the members. A lot of us looked forward to coming to the bike club each morning, but as the summer comes to an end, we now look to the future and are now planning for our trip to South America this coming February (1998).


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