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Updated Oct. 19, 2001

A message from Co-Editor in Chief, Guyan Wilks
The New HarlemLive


This year, HarlemLive will reach new and higher ground. Our content will be stronger and our voices will be heard even more. There are many obstacles in the way. Obstacles of both internal and external nature but there is no stopping the future - which is what HarlemLive is ("the future"). It is important for us to reach every reader young and old, so that they can be enlightened by the community around them.

Here at HarlemLive, there is and always will be a passion to expose the truth and to inform our readers. We have also become a magazine that people can sit down and feel relaxed while reading. We are extremely glad to have the oppurtuinty to bring to the readers, the sights, sounds and minds of the teens of NYC, and in doing so, you will see just how powerful the creativity of teens are.

We send our deepest sympathies to the families that have gone through the hell of the recent attacks (read our coverage). We will not pretend to Know what pain you are going through, we can only imagine it. Harlem live will be covering the war on Terrorist but we will also be covering other things to get peoples minds off of it and to show that we are not preoccupied with the constant news of war.

To do this, HarlemLive will be introducing the following content: Restaurant reviews (reviews of the best restaurants in the city), Comic book adventures (The stan Lee's of HarlemLive begin their comic book series). The mayoral race (who will be our next mayor), College experiences, a sports page, outter borough stories and more cultural stories. We hope that these new additions will please our readers. HarlemLive, as always, will be doing these things from our home current home base at Playing 2 Win. Although we are in a small headquarters HarlemLive has decided to think big by going virtual. To show that no matter where we are, we are strong enough and versatile enough to handle the responsibility of being the voice of New York City Teens.

So keep in tune with our vibe as HarlemLive helps keep our readers 'alive.'



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