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Thanks Teach

by Guyan Wilks


Thank you for blessing us with your presence

For showing your legacy and presenting your essence

We know sometimes our minds are dim

That we hardly focus on work, but always on sin

Some how you've taught us to be bright and bold

And that the knowledge we gain can never be sold

So we cry tears, for we know when we fail

We bring shame upon you and the lessons you hail but surely you know we feel your pain

That we appreciate all the hells you sustain

And if others won't admit this to you

They are probably just afraid, so keep doing what you do

This turmoil that we teens call school

Grants the wishes of the would be fools

But it is your guidance and care and your sweat and tears

That will grant us the right to suceed

So yes you are still in great demand and need

And if I never said this from the start

Then let this poem begin to impart

My thank you

Thank you for your patience and time

Thank you for brightening our minds

Thank you for putting up with us from day to day

Thank you for all the wise things you say

Thank you for failing me when you must and can

For by failing me you teach me to be a better man

Thank you teach, you inspire me every year

Thats how I know you really care

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you


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