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Date updated: 04-11-02

Excuse Me Ms.

by Jarret Fulton














There I was on Oak Park Avenue
Saw this fine Woman and wondered if she was worth talking to
She had enough ice* on her ear to make Africa Freeze
Wearing a red tank-top, high heeled shoes, and Capri pants
My search for a wife has came to an end, so it seemed
She had all the right qualities; tall and brown skinned

I saw her a week ago and knew instantly that she was different
By the way she was dressed she seemed open minded, stylish and very chic
At first glance a guy like me would think nothing more than to just hit it
So I quickly thought up a pickup line and of coursed hesitated for a minute

"Excuse me Ms... Isaw you a week ago and a week I had to wait
But I’m glad I'm able to finally get a chance to talk to you
I don’t know if your into fancy cars and expensive restaurants
Or living ghetto fabulous by drinking liquor or smoking a blunt
But I respect you and I'd like to know more about you
More than that, cause you’re a black woman which makes you a beautiful black

I’m not looking for a girl who’s just about being sexual
But a girl who can cook, clean and not forget about being intellectual
I’ll admit I don’t have a car to get you around
But you don’t have to worry about seeing me with another girl across town.

Treat you like a woman, my soul mate, my equal
If we made love, be prepare for the sequel
In conclusion, think about it an give it a chance
If I can’t be your lover at least can I be your friend
People fail to notice that friendship is what matters most
So if the world came to an end, we’ll always be close

(Minutes past......waiting for a reply)

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