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Spiderman Look-A-Like Asks for Change!

by Malik Wilson
Photos by Oscar Peralta


At first glance Malcolm looks like a homeless person, like he might ask you for change. In fact, he is homeless and does ask for change.

Born in South Africa, Malcolm moved to Bronx, New York as a child with his family who did not have much money. As he got older, he began to hang out with a crew of people with such names as Spivey, Meek, Mugs, Man, and Chris. Today, they all dance or drum in public places such as Battery Park, 42nd Street Train Station and The Museum of Natural History, which is where we met him at on this nice day in the city.

At the age of 33, Malcolm still can do things that I can't even do. "One of the moves that I have trouble with is doing about four forwards flips then doing about four backward flips, which is a hard thing to do, man," says Malcolm. Before he started performing, he would sell candies to make some pocket change. "I used to be homeless until I met up with Spivey, who showed me the ropes about being in the streets," Malcolm explains. At that time, they Malcolm and Spivey used to stay in Harlem, New York.

Usually Malcolm makes about $60 to $70 dollars a day from his performances. Malcolm says the most he has ever made in one day is about $150 dollars. "Most of the time I do get a good response from the crowd, but sometimes the people want to see something different," says Malcolm.

Malcolm says he is ready to start his future on the right foot, which is why he says this is his last year performing on the streets full time. Next year, Malcolm plans to get a job and perform on the street whenever he has free time.

"This is my final year performing in the streets. After this I should be on my feet and ready to start my own program for children who want to learn to dance and perform," said Malcolm. He says that his program will help get children involved in circuses and similar venues.

So if you see this man, he's not just asking you for change, he's asking you to help him get his life together and others for the future. And by dancing, he's doing that and having fun at the same time.


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