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Subway Talent Brightens Commuters' Travel

by Guyan Wilks and Richard Echevarria
Photos by Khalid Muhamad


There are millions of people who ride the New York City subways everyday, while some New Yorkers do not choose to ride the subway the average man or woman who have to deal with daily finances, family and careers the subway can be nerve racking.

Straphangers do have, a stancuary. A vast amount of talented people performing everyday somewhere down in the subway. The performances range from classical guitar, blues singing to youngsters playing drums.

Some play for money, some play for food and some just play for the smiles on the faces that watch them perform. There are performers that use the subway crowd to promote their new musical releases and getting familiar with the New York audience.

sssssssssEntertaining is magic and it is associated with the subways of the city. Who are these people who bring their magic to us daily and why do they do it? That is the question that I went to answer, and I soon found out who they were, and why they entertain the people of the subway! The answers and examples I came up with only confirmed that these people make every day life a little more heavenly and delightful to live. For example, while entering the 42nd Street and Times Square Station, I ran into a steel drum player who was playing on the number 1,2,3,and 9 line. His name was Curtis and he had been playing in the subway for 20 years. He is a self- taught musician who plays for the purpose of bringing a smile to your face and brightening your day.

Money is the least reason that he does this. Although it would be appreciated if some money was given as a token of your appreciation. Curtis has played in all of the stations and even has a few favorites where he played, such as 14 Street and Union Square, Penn Station, and 42 Street and Time SquareThese are mostly his favorite stations because of all the people that come through there everyday.

After playing his music for so many years Curtis has seen, and played for the stars of this time. (Which he said he wouldn't reveal.) He has his own musical band and recently he was asked by VH1 to come play for them. Ever since Curtis started to play music it has always been his intention to take it as far as he can go, and if he continues to keep playing he will not only keep bringing smiles to the faces of the people, but he will be a legend of the subways.

Yet another example of performers in the subway is a family of talented singers, who have performed in every train station. They are called, The Cagle Family, and with each song they perform, they bring a message of love and peace that comes from their Lord Jesus Christ.

The group was started by the parents of the family. Melody is the mother of ten children, and Monte is the father. Together they started the group 20 years ago. And as the years went by the they taught their kids how to play the instruments, and how to sing each song. The rest of the group consists of Paul, Lavonda, Chris, Dina, Jeff, Lisa, Kath, and Allen. Each can either sing or play a instrument. This family has chemistry, and they have captured the hearts and minds of the people.

The group is making sounds enough to be heard by people like VH1. VH1 is doing a movie on them, and is talking about doing a sitcom with them. They also want to tour West Africa because last year they went to Europe. The Cagles have such a such a humble nature about them the Cagle's music is received with open arms from the public as they do make wonderful music that inspires peace of mind and soul. They will continue to do their music in the subways because they see the difference they are making to the people of the subways. People are smiling more and being friendly, thanks to their music.

Now many of you may say that these people aren't making any difference to the way you feel in the beginning of the day or at the end. To you I say this. This is a city full of problems, that affect peoples' minds. Whether it is crime on the street, trains running slow, or just feeling sad these people are at least trying to brighten your day which is a lot better than trying to ruin it. Remember, for some people tempers flair easy, and with all that tension a little music or comedy wouldn't hurt the situations. So in many ways these people are good for the city, even though some of them are just trying to make a living,- they still have managed to put a smile on people's faces or a good thought in your head.




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