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Black Enterprise Entrepreneur Interview

by Ebony Meyers



Harlemlive staff members: Devan, Kerly, Khalid, Tameeka, Chris, Osakowe, Enito, Laura, and myself recently had a round table discussion and interview, here at Harlemlive with Fieona Huff, a freelance writer from Black Enterprise Magazine. It was an opportunity for the staff members to gather around and discuss the reason why we are interested in Harlemlive, our future goals, and our experiences.

After we introduced ourselves, we began the interview. Devan, a staff member, said that she views Harlemlive as a community project that is worked on diligently by its members. Many of us also indicated that through the Harlemlive Journal we expose people to events via articles and pictures. Many people are not informed about events and experiences happening here in Harlem and around NYC.

Among the most important skills that many of Harlemlive members obtain are public speaking, writing, and organization. What we learn here will be with us through college and beyond.

The interview was relatively relaxed and comfortable for us, just like our working environment. It was easy for us to express our thoughts because Ms. Huff was very amicable and extremely nice. Osakawe Beale and Michael Popo had pointed out that everyone at Harlemlive is part of a family, and we help each other out, while Kerly Suffren said that "Harlemlive is not a mandatory place where we have to come, but rather a place where we volunteer our time and learn something that we enjoy while having fun! In the midst of things, there were some jokes about the name of our webmaster,Popo, but "it was all good".

Eventually, being the skilled staff reporters and journalists that we are, the interview took a little twist. The staff of Harlemlive began to interview Ms. Huff. We learned about the trials and tribulations that Ms. Huff went through to become a valuable journalist, how she overcame them, and some other information. She indicated that our experience at Harlemlive will help us in our future careers. By this time, we were all laughing at each other and just enjoying the interview. Over all, Ms. Huff proved to be a very inspiring and exceptional reporter.


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