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Gang Related
Point Counter Point
and Kerly Suffren gives a first hand account


Just a Bunch of Punks ..

By Angel Colon

The Bloods are around the New York area. Many people are scared of this so called gang. They go around neighborhoods similar to mine and slash peoples' faces. Some people say these children (thugs) are out of control but that they are smart. If they are so smart they would not be going around cutting peoples' faces. If these Bloods saw a real gang they all would be scared to death.

One of the Harlemlive staff saw a gang special on HBO. One of the real Bloods was talking from a jail cell. He talked about the real life gang wars, drive byes, shooting etc. But when asked about the Bloods in New York he replied with this: "Bloods in New York; Na! They are just a bunch of punks looking for a name, that's all"

I think what this inmate said was true, the "Bloods" of New York are just a bunch of punks, scared to do things on their own. I also feel these kids have nothing better to do with their lives. Seeing people (grown people) scared of these "hood rats" is sad. You can't wear a certain color or say a certain word to a certain person without fear. It's all sad to see. <!!--


No, Just in Need of a Family

by Peterson Metellus

Well, I totally disagree with Angel because he's not looking at the facts both ways. People don't just join gangs because they want to, or because they are bad.They join gangs because the young people in the ghetto just want protection from the bad things surrounding them. They just want to feel safe and secure.

Another reason young people in the ghetto join gangs is because there are not a lot of programs and activities with which they can get involved. Some of the youth just get high every day and stand in front of the corner stores, not doing anything because there is nothing to do. People have problems, especially the youth. They have no money, their families might be on welfare. It's not some fantasy land.

So whenever the gangs are recruiting, since the kids don't have any other activities to occupy themselves, they join thinking it is a way of relief to take them away from their problems! However, what these gang members don't realize is that they're killing, slashing their own people.

That's just what the devil wants to see; people killing people, chaos everywhere!

We all have to come together and have peace with each other. We need more activities that give us a feeling of belonging to something,so we don't need any gangs. I feel very lucky because I've found myself a talent for which I have been searching all my life.

Whenever I get stressed out with family problems or anything else, I just write. That takes away all of my pain that I have inside. Not all people have the same talents but just do something beside killings your people and stop the violence.

We are all human. We all breath the same air, bleed the same blood, cry the same tears.

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