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HarlemLive Reports from Italy as they Participate in the Global Junior Challenge




  1. Getting to Rome on the first day. Oscar Peralta
  2. The second day in Rome, but it feels like we have been here for a week. Enita Okodiko
  3. Overwhelmed with swarms of people wanting to know about HarlemLive. Justin Young
  4. When You're In The Groove You're Smooth. by Melvin Johnson
  5. Ah, Florence, or Firenze as it is called in Italian. Oba McKnight
  6. You only get one chance at a first impression. Nicole Farrow
  7. Growing up while traveling. Jianna Caines .

Team Coverage of GJC

  1. Jianna and Nicole: The Booths at the Convention Center
  2. Melvin, Oscar and Enita: People at the Convention Center
  3. Justin and Obatunji: The Awards Ceremony
Historical Slideshows
  • 1. Jianna and Nicole: The Vatican City
  • 2. Justin and Obatunji: Florence
  • 3. Melvin, Oscar and Enita: Piazzo del Novo, the Spanish Steps, Piazza del Popolo, old Rome
  • Personal Essays (these will be posted soon)
  • 1. Enita
  • 2. Jianna
  • 3. Justin
  • 4. Melvin
  • 5. Nicole
  • 6. Obatunji
  • 7. Oscar

  • How do you say.... Sayings in Italian that are useful in Italy
  • Things we found to be Peculiar in Italy

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