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Harlemlive Gets United Federation of Teachers Award

by Justin Young & Christina Camacho
Photos by Sheresa Jenkins


On March 24, 2001, the United Federation of Teachers held an Awards Ceremony at City College of New York. Teachers, students, colleagues, and friends gathered to commemorate the hard work and efforts of these unique teachers.

Amongst the teachers to be awarded was our very own Richard Calton, founder and director of HarlemLive. Mr. Calton was awarded the prestigious education award. Although he was not physically there, HarlemLive's presence was felt through the teen editors: Justin Young (Editor & Chief), Treniese Ladson (Associate Editor & Chief), Christina Camacho (Managing Editor), Melvin Johnson (Public Relations Director), and Khalid Muhammad (System Administrator), Sheresa Jenkins (Team Leader) and Elaine Johnson (Advisor).

"I feel very honored to receive an award from my peers in the teaching profession. Harlemlive is a labor of love but one that's required years of effort. It feels good to get the recognition," said Richard Calton, Director and Founder of Harlemlive.

The students of HarlemLive were honored to be receiving this award as well, on behalf of Richard Calton because we represent the positive view of Harlem, its youth and our possibilities. After the award ceremony, we gave a presentation for students, parents, and teachers. We showed them what HarlemLive was all about and that it's literally run by the youth.

"It was an honor to accept the UFT Technology Award. I believe in what HarlemLive is doing; changing the lives of inner city kids giving them the tools to make the difference in the


21st century," said Elaine Johnson, long time HarlemLive advisor, who's accompanied the teens of HarlemLive to Washington, DC, and Rome, Italy.

Managing Editor, Christina Camacho, 17, said, "It wasn't hard getting the attention of the educators. HarlemLive is something exciting and different. We show the world positive youth activities."








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