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On the Morning Show, With Bernard White: WBAI

On The Air

by Angel Colon and Kerly Suffren
Photos by Chris Hobson and Damian Browne


Bernard White

A time I will never forget was being "LIVE" on radio. Bernard White is the man that runs the Morning Show at WBAI. He was very happy to see us join him at such an early time.

When we first got to the building on Manhattan's 8th Avenue and 35th Street, we stepped into an

Bernard White Welcomes Harlemlive

elevator and went up 19 flights. We entered the studio with the Morning Show already on the air.

In the Studio

Bernard White speaks to Angel and Kerly

After the first segment of the show was over, Harlemlive and the Urban Youth Bike Corps had a chance to go on the air. We were asked what was Harlemlive and I answered with nervousness and very fast. I do not remember the second question that was asked but I know I was still nervous.

After our segment was over I was told to just keep cool and answer with complete sentences. We would rejoin the show later on when a discussion about the internet would take place.

Kerly and Angel on the Air When we came off the air, Bernard had Richard Green on the phone line, talking about this Task Force that he was appointed to by Mayor Giuliani in response to the sodomization and beating by police officers of a Haitian resident in Brooklyn. Another caller was responding and an argument sort of broke out between the two. Once Kerly heard the commotion, he wanted a piece of the action. Kerly stepped up to the plate and let it all come out about police brutality.

by Kerly:

The experience I had over at WBAI (99.5 FM) was a very positive one. I was excited and delighted to know that my words in moments were heard around the nation's largest city. Whenever one is offered an opportunity such as this one, it is necessary that it is taken. When positive ideas and positive words are able to be able to be exposed, ideas and thoughts are heard then expressed.

At the station, our conversation was on police brutality. I spoke on my personal experience and on my ideas and the wrongs I've observed during my years on this earth. Police brutality is truly a problem and whenever the world gets a chance to hear what you have to say, go for it.

That's what I did.

Read Kerly's editorial.

Al Sharpton, Exiting the Studio

Rev. Al Sharpton visits WBAI and leaves with a smile



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