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HarlemLive: Arts & Culture
New York City: The very apex of culture, the essence of art, the epitome of style. Here at HarlemLive, we've dedicated an entire section to the epicenter of culture, history, and class with the intentions to bring you a multitude of noteworthy aspects of your local NYC community and beyond. Check out the sections and give us your feedback at HarlemLive@aol.com!


  • Spiderman Look-A-Like Asks for Change
  • Capoeira at its Best
  • Culture and Devotion at the Pan Caribbean Dance Theater
  • The Uptown Dance Acadamey
  • The Young Hoofers dance club


  • Tierno Bokar Play Premiere
  • Meeting the Characters of "Three Short Plays"
  • 2003 AUDELCO Awards
  • Nothing But The Truth
  • Breaking the Barriers
  • African Poetry Theater - Cultures in Queens
  • The Apollo Theatre
  • Harlem Song - A new musical review
  • The try outs at Apollo Auditions
  • Cyber Wham at the world famous Apollo
  • Some history of the Apollo Theater
  • What others ignore, Audelco applauds
  • Bring in da noise, Bring in da funk
  • Class Thearter of Harlem
  • Lion King On Broadway
  • Slideshow of the UniverSoul Circus
  • Theater Reviews